Prenatal Visit Schedule


Weeks Visit Highlights
Weeks Visit Initial OrientationGeneral history and information
NOB Packet – lab testing, risk screening
Resources, Prenatal VitaminsLab:

Blood type, Rh, Hepatitis, HIV,
Syphilis, Rubella, Cystic Fibrosis
Screening and other screening tests.
Visits will be scheduled as follows:
0-28 wks
28-35 wks
36 + wks
every 4 weeks
every 2 weeks
weekly till delivery
10 – 12 weeks OB Complete physical exam – including
PAP smear as indicated
Hear fetal heartbeat
Sonogram for dates
First Trimester screening option
Sequential screening

Risk factors discussed – follow–up plan implemented
15 – 20 weeks OB tummy check
Quad Screen
Schedule fatal anatomy ultrasound@ 18 wks
20 weeks OB tummy check
Review sonogram and test results
Send in hospital admission forms
24 weeks OB tummy check
Last trimester information
Preterm birth prevention
Discuss Pediatrician list
Prenatal classes/Hospital tour
28 weeks OB tummy check
Glucose test for gestational diabetes
Hemoglobin test for anemia
3rd trimester HIV test
Antibody screen if Rh negative
Fetal movement
RHOGAM if Rh negative
30 – 34 weeks OB tummy check
Discuss contraceptive methods and birth control options
Fetal movement counting
Preterm labor signs
Meet the doctors
36 weeks OB tummy check
Culture for Group B Strep (GBS)
Internal pelvic exam
Discuss Labor and delivery
37- 41 weeks Weekly OB tummy check
Discuss induction