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I did not have a period for two years. All of a sudden I began bleeding again. Of course I went right to my doctor. I was examined and had a biopsy. The doctor than explained the procedure that I needed to have done. He explained the different ways to have the procedure. He explained in depth the da Vinci procedure. I was amazed. It was a very simple procedure for a serious surgery. When I was taken to the operating room I asked to see the robot that would be [used to operate] on me. The nurses introduced me to the robot and showed me where my doctor would be [seated nearby,] doing the procedure from a computer [console]. Pretty amazing.

When I woke up after the procedure I was in no discomfort at all. I had five very small incisions. I had no stitches. incisions were glued and had small bandages on them. Again, I was amazed.

Recovery was easy. I took one pain pill the day I got home and never needed another.

Each week of my seven week recovery I was able to do more and more. As the doctor explained, I had a very serious surgery and had to take it easy and let everything heal. At times that was hard because I felt no discomfort at all. So many things I wanted to do but knew not to.

It has been eight weeks since my procedure, and I feel great. I just went for a check up today and received the good news that I do not have cancer. That made me really happy because my mother recently died of uterine cancer and my sister is a survivor of uterine cancer. I always felt it was only a matter of time for me. Was I scared? Yes, but I know I made a good decision and a great decision to have the da Vinci surgery.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone. It was an easy, painless experience.

If you have any concerns about this procedure I am sure your doctor will be glad to explain it to you in depth. You will be surprised how the whole thing works.

– Claudia Samero


After meeting with my doctor, I knew this surgery was right for me. I had been severely anemic, due to heavy menstrual bleeding. This was in part due to uterine fibroid tumors. I could not risk losing any more blood, so this surgery was the only way. When I had my pre-op testing done, I was told that my blood counts had gone down even further and that I would more than likely need to be given blood. To my surprise, on the day of my surgery, I had managed to get my counts up “just” enough to avoid getting blood. Once I had heard that news, I was so relieved, knowing that having surgery done using the da Vinci method was minimally invasive.

Not to say that I wasn’t still nervous. I guess you could categorize me as somewhat of a “baby” when it comes to medical procedures, especially surgery. Once I arrived at the hospital, an IV was started, and I was changed into your typical hospital gown and cozy socks. I was then wheeled (via recliner chair) to the OR. Of course it was a little intimidating, but I knew I was in good hands. Once up on the bed, I was peacefully put to sleep.

To my surprise, when I woke in recovery, I felt pretty good. I had five small incisions across my abdomen (very small), each held together with glue and little sterile strips. I was treated wonderfully, given ice chips when allowed, and some pain meds were needed but just to take the “edge” off of the pain. I went home the same day and felt much better than I did after any other surgery I had undergone. A few days of Motrin and I was good to go! I did take the recommended time off from work, mainly to be sure my blood counts were back up to “normal” and to give my body time to heal.

This surgery really is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. The amount of blood loss was so minimal that it didn’t even affect my numbers. I feel lucky to have had the choice to have this type of surgery. If you are deciding what to do in your situation, please don’t hesitate to ask someone that’s been through it already. Do your homework, watch the videos and I’m sure that you, too, will feel happy about your decision.

PS: My doctor gave me a full color picture after the surgery of before/after and it is just amazing!!

– Cerese


My DaVinci hysterectomy [da Vinci] was the best health-thing that’s happened to me since I had my children! Dr. O and the Lourdes staff were sincere, compassionate and efficient. It is wise to “take the time” your health insurance gives you for recovery; as is any surgery, you hurt afterward but the da Vinci surgery is the most minimally invasive and least painful way to go. It’s now May — 7 months after my hysterectomy and I can honestly tell you that I forget I even had surgery! I have 5 small scars around my tummy/navel. The recovery was doable; knowing the alternative, I admit it was quite easy. I felt “like myself” after 10 weeks, honestly. I was able to go back to work after 8 weeks.

I felt weary and weak at first (understandably) but with proper knowledge of post-surgery care I felt fully recovered by 3 months. Awesome, no?! I highly recommend the hysterectomy via DaVinci to whomever qualifies for this type of surgery. Dr. Chike Obianwu in NJ was wonderful. He educated me on all my options; his staff was extra-professional and efficient, and truly compassionate—“real people” is the best way to describe them all. Dr. O was gentle, highly skilled and experienced, and Lourdes Hospital staff was great. I thank God every day that there was no cancer diagnosed after my DaVinci hysterectomy. Dr. O removed everything but my cervix due to horrid scar tissue. Thank God that is all that was found.

Again, it’s May 2010 and I had the surgery in November 2009…without any regrets whatsoever. Unless your goal is to be a bikini model then go for the DaVinci hysterectomy procedure if you have to have a hysterectomy. If you’re not pretentious, be grateful and pleased that all you will have is “5 mosquito bite-type scars” on your belly. It’s amazing



I went to South Jersey Family Medical Center for a routine PAP smear. I met Dr. Obianwu at my first appointment. I felt very comfortable with him. After a brief discussion about my menstrual history, he did the smear. He told me that the walls of my uterus were thick. I was asked questions about my past partial hysterectomy. He then asked what I was looking for with my periods. I told him I didn’t want to “bleed” anymore. He suggested the da Vinci procedure. I agreed to his suggestion.

Once the arrangements were made, I had to meet with the anesthesiologist because I have an allergy to general anesthesia. I did all my pre-op work and was ready for my surgery. On the day of my surgery, I was at the hospital at 0630. I was accompanied by my husband and my two closest friends. My friend accompanied me to get ready for my surgery. When I was all ready for surgery, I kissed my husband and hugged my friends. The last thing I remember prior to surgery was seeing the operating room.

It was almost 6 pm when I woke up from the procedure. Because I was still too groggy to go home, I stayed over night. I came wide awake at 0230 and wanted to go home. After the morning visit from the doctor, I got to go home. I had some pain in my abdomen but was told it was okay. I had five band aids covering my 5 incisions and I felt okay. I was able to walk around with a minimum of discomfort.

I spent the first two days basically lounging around. I took my pain medication when I needed. Since the surgery, I have felt great. I am now running a couple times a week. I have gone back to work. My incisions look like little scar lines. Aside from lifting, I have gone back to a normal life.

I love that I no longer have the back aches, the bloating, the cramps or the excessive bleeding because I no longer have a period. I feel free and more alive than I did before. My whole experience with Dr. Obianwu and the surgery has been great. I love that I have been up and around so fast. I would recommend the surgery to anyone. I have told all my friends and they marvel at how fast I recovered.

-Kathleen Janeczko


I would recommend to anyone to choose the da Vinci Surgery. I have never experienced a faster recovery.

-Dajuana Rice


After finding out that I had 2 cysts on my left ovary measuring 6.5 cm in diameter, Dr Obianwu asked me what I wanted to do, since I had a partial hysterectomy in July 2008 for the same reason. I told him that I wished for it to be out as soon as possible (since I had already suffered 5 weeks with pain and vomiting). Dr. Obianwu told me about the da Vinci procedure, and I said, “Fine by me.” Just like any surgery I was a little nervous, but after it was done and over, I felt very good. Even my mom said I didn’t even look like I had surgery.

I had my procedure done on a Friday morning, and I left around 1:30pm the same day. When I got home I didn’t feel much pain. By Sunday the pain was gone. Last year when I had my hysterecomy, it took about a week for the pain to be fully gone.
The only discomfort I had was with the staples as the incisions were healing. Now that the staples are out, I feel no discomfort and no more pain. I am also able to do most of my daily activites with little assistance.

-Lisa Korch


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